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Although "Damani" does sound vaguely Italian, the name actually means one has "good business ability," but with a propensity toward stubbornness. Which seems right in line with Harambee CEO Masai Skief's values. Skief responded to the city council's accusation by saying, "We cannot allow slanderous and inaccurate allegations to impede our success and define who we are," while at the same time admitting that the nightclub existed and that it wasn't anyone's business what the school did after the final bell had rung.

SE. The top of the hill." That would be Hillcrest, still regarded as the finest neighborhood east of the river. Wide avenues, spacious brick houses with porches that afford a view of downtown Washington that you can't get in Chevy Chase.. Shin splints are most commonly caused by an inflammation of the sheath surrounding the tibia bone, and are usually due to running on hard surfaces or jumping. Do You Suffer from Shin Splints? "This exercise is great for runners," says Sam Stauffer, a coach with Men's Health Thrive in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Anybody who is familiar with shin splints will thank you for showing this rolling exercise to them.