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Hi everyone, ou, plutôt, bonjour )

Still fairly shy to write everything in French (my grammar leaves much room for improvement + I don't want to make stupid mistakes and be misunderstood  roll ).

I have read about this new programme in Sciences Po -  Nancy here:

And I really want to join in, starting from 2012-2013.

A little bit about myself: Russian, 18 y.o. living in Luxembourg, International Baccalaureate student (and proud of it! ^^). I've lived 9 years in Russia, 3 in Finland, 3 in Germany and, now, 3 in Luxembourg. I speak fluent Russian, English, German. French - ~B1. And a little bit of Finnish )

I read about the Nancy department on the Sciences-Po website and also on some forums, until someone gave me a link here, which I'm very happy about.

I've browsed through several threads about Nancy, but didn't find a single one about the bilingual (Anglo-German) Programme. Perhaps because it's still fairly new. So, I decided I'll be first  cool

Questions (and a hell of a lot of them!)

1) Did anybody of the present users pass the admission to the Bilingual programme this year?
2) How does it look like? Are the examiners strict/friendly/cold/..??
3) How is the student life? I heard Nancy is very much a student town, but it's always better to ask people who know for sure.  wink
4) How is the housing? Where do students usually live? Alone/together?

5) A little offtopic: I noticed, while reading this thread ( … nancy.html) that the attitude towards Russians is quite friendly, which is much of a joy ^^ So, perhaps, some people would like to have one or the other Russian around in the Nancy campus. No? )

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Dois-je utiliser le google-traducteur? ^^

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Dreamer a écrit:

Dois-je utiliser le google-traducteur? ^^

Non ne t'inquiète pas, un paquet d'utilisateurs va déferler sur ton topic histoire de se prouver les uns aux autres leur niveau en anglais. Ca n'est qu'une question de temps...

Wait and see wink


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Hi Dreamer,

In Nancy, you don't have Anglo-German, or German-French sections. It's only one program, that combines German, French and English classes. When I was young Nancy student :
1st year : French classes (economics, french political system) + German classes (History, german political system) + minor English classes (something about democracy)
2nd year : 1/3 French classes ( like Histoire et droit des états), 1/3 German classes ( Geschichte der internationalen Beziehungen), 1/3 English classes (Foreign Policies of the Great Powers : USA, EU, Russia) + couple of other classes

2) Examination  : You have to analyse a French or German article, so the discussion is mainly in German and French, and sometimes, you might be asked questions in English. The examinators smile : As always, it depends. You have the cool ones, you have the uncool ones, but don't stress, they are not there to kill you.

3) Student life : Really great! Better than Paris, because you're in a small community of 200 people, you know everyone, you have good relations with the administration, plus cheap bars. Live in the GEC if you can, you'll meet people from other universities and so.

4) Already answered, but generally flat sharing, or in "foyer", like the GEC.

Esli u tebya eshchë voprosy, nie boysya smile

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Thanks for the answers! smile

More questions, if I'm allowed to ask:

1) it specifies here, for the bilingual programme (en. + de. the first year) that the courses in English and German will actually be quite intense during the first year (naturally) but also during the second year! ( more courses in English or German than in French at all times).

How come? )

2) How many applicants are there per place for the Nancy department? I really want to get in, but if there is a competition like 100 people per place, maybe I have to secure a couple of other places, too. smile What are your estimates?

3) What is GEC and how does it function?  roll

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