Topic: My gf who made an account after

My gf who made an account after, just so she could fish for 15mins, was getting those same e-mails for the last seven days, 1-3 each day.The only connection between my email and RuneScape is my RuneScape account on cheap OSRS gold their server. So yeah, it's about because I'm sure they have tons of other confidential information of mine. And I am positive it's in plaintext.

Are you losing enthusiasm for working due to the consistent flood of runescape player opinions? Honesty time.I did for a while after Endgame. This was partially because of stuff. However, the negativity and vitriol (multiple death threats and calling for me to be fired ) some people were throwing my manner was a step too much and it made me rethink the energy and dedication I was giving runescape. But I've recovered since then. I'm back to myself and I am reminded regularly I care a lot about runescape and also the neighborhood. So I would say I'm looking forward to my content and RuneFest and back on track.

Honestly? Yes. I have been furious. Like rage shattering I've seen. Nonetheless, it's not because we dislike this community, or anything like that, it is simply because we care. The content we make is more than just a job to most of us. It is a creative outlet to actually attempt to earn a part of artwork and place it out there for people to enjoy. So when you see that being ripped to shreds, it can be quite frustrating.

These are just some examples I can recall, but I'm sure if I looked back at upgrades we have published I could pick out more. There's a fine line between criticism and then asking for a Jmod to die or lose their job, that's where it gets too much and when you're somebody who's spent a ton of time into content it can really reach them. I had completely innumerable conversations with programmers and made certain to always find remarks praising their articles where possible. I know for buy osrs gold best site a fact Jmod interaction is lacking as much due to a fear of negativity, heck just before I left I would still try to answer posts about bugs/issues but I'd still get people saying"why are not you saying anything about the MTX announcement?" I do feel sorry for them to an extent because I know they're all passionate, but when there is dominating issues outside of their control occasionally they can not even answer.