Topic: Fortnite has grown big enough to do cross-branding

It is a global gaming trend I've seldom seen with Fortnite Items  this scale, not since Pokémon GO took over the world, but Fortnite has completed that and sustained it for much longer.

Fortnite has grown big enough to do cross-branding deals from everybody from the NFL to Marvel. $100 million has been dropped by it .

There are a number of signs that the times might be waning. Twitch viewership for Fortnite has been trending down, and revenue has been somewhat flat after months of explosive growth. But if Fortnite might have peaked in certain ways, it is still climbing and others, and the hottest game on the planet currently by a very wide margin. This is still a game where I will write a manual about where to dance close wall-mounted fish and it'll get almost a million views in a week. And this was sustained since spring 2018 at this point, it's truly astonishing.

I remember it took League of Legends eons to find anything even resembling workable merch ready to go, while Fortnite has licensed Halloween costumes, toys from a bunch of different manufacturers, freaking NERF guns on the horizon. They're actually making the most from this.

All great things have to fade, but Fortnite has done a fantastic job of staying applicable both and to gamers for far longer than I'd have expected. Fortnite surpasses its predecessor, PUBG, and so much has appeared fairly much all significant comers into the battle royale genre as. Even Call of Duty's Blackout, a good stab at the genre, seems to have faded to buy fortnite traps  the background while Fortnite remains in the headlines continuously.