Topic: I made some fantastic friends online

Maplestory didn't feel exactly the same, after that. I felt ill. I was going to put in my second year of high school and had just turned 16. I had started to make an increasing number of friends offline. The longer I spent away from MapleStory2 Mesos, the less I missed it.

I am no longer connected with any of those friends I made all those years before, but the period which I spent together was just as precious as another friendships that I made over the course of my entire life. All my thoughts, both positive and negative, taught me about myself and about the world. I must have the exact same emotional closeness and crushing betrayals that other middle schoolers had in their own social cliques, but instead of a school cafeteria, the background was the MapleStory marketplace. My youth was distinct, since a lot of my early burial occurred on the internet, but my experiences are just as valuable as the experiences of other people. It was far from a difference in my entire life. It was a fundamental part of cultivating the individual.

Fantastic post - it is weird, I have been playing a lot of video games since I was 5 (I was born in 83), but I did all my online interacting through online forums and chats. I played with MUDs but did this with friends in real life, other than that I had a dreadful NYC public internet link (it took approximately 45 minutes to link and often disconnected) until I went to school. Playing MMOs was unquestionably not feasible with that online connection and I never really heard about Ultima and that type of internet gaming before I started playing beta WoW. I wish I would know about this stuff for a child, I probably would have enjoyed it. When I was younger, a few of whom I am still in contact with I made some fantastic friends online.

Man, I had exactly the same experience: MapleStory was my first MMO, first actual online game, and I was probably a similar age to you when I first began playing with Buy MS2 Mesos. I remember attempting to attend a friend's home where he had quicker internet so that I could download the installer, burn it on a CD, then bring it home and install it.

Had some nostalgia feelings and redownloaded it. . .and uninstalled it speedy haha. Turns out it was not updated for modern resolutions. There is a mobile version coming out at some point and maybe I'll get that just to poke around and see if I could visit places I remember from my youth.